Wednesday, August 4, 2010

DICOM CD & DVD Publishers

Noble House CD is now offering DICOM Disc Publisher Solutions to allow Clinics, Hospitals and Imaging Centers to create custom printed CDs or DVDs with a DICOM formatted disc and an integrated DICOM Viewer. Solutions are offered for various technical needs and budgets.

Using a Web Browser, CDs and DVDs can be automatically published from a modality, the PACS server or the reporting workstation. All study and report information can be included on the CD or DVD with a self-created custom label for a professional appearance. The standard version of the software is offered with an encryption (option) that will provide patient record security, because access to the disc will require a password, which is automatically generated by the DICOM Publishing software.

The DICOM Publishing Software Noble House CD is providing is supported by the hardware systems of the three following manufacturers:

(1) Epson DiscProducer© CD/DVD Duplicator and built-in Disc Printer is offered in three different versions the PC Connect Version, Network Connect Version, and a Network Security Version. All three versions hold 100 Discs and have 2 DVD/CD Recorders and a 6 Color Printer. These units are extremely reliable and are cost effective to buy and use. 1000+ Discs are printed per set of ink cartridges.

(2) Rimage Professional Duplicator/Printer Rimage features Permanent, direct-to-disc color printing with photo Print Resolution. The thermal print technology results in disc images that are scratch proof, waterproof, fade resistant, and UV protected. The hardware configurations offered are:

Rimage 5300 - 2 DVD/CD Recorders (optional Blu-Ray recorders) 100 Discs Auto Copied and Printed

Built-in PC or embedded control center with two (2) 250GB Hard Drives (optional 5300Nx = 1.5 TB (3 each at 750 GB RAID 5),

Rimage 5100 - 1 DVD/CD Recorder (optional Blu-Ray) 50 Discs Auto Copied and Printed. Built-in PC or embedded control center with two (2) 250GB Hard Drives.

(3) Three Primera XR Disc Publishers are offered:

XR Disc Publisher (one DVD/CD drive, up to 50 discs) in a black-painted steel cabinet for desktop or rack mount use. Optional Blu-Ray Drive. Customer provides own PC.

XRn Network Disc Publisher (one drive, up to 50 discs) Built In PC connects like network printer for publishing Discs. Optional Blu-Ray Drive.

XRP Disc Publisher (two drives, up to 100 discs) Rugged dual-drive DVD/CD (optional Blu-Ray Recorders) Disc Publisher is in a black-painted steel cabinet for desktop or rack mount use. Customer provides own PC.